Image They called it as the most beautiful spring garden in the world.


I’d been to Netherland for a couple of times particularly in Amsterdam. But there’s a place that I really desired to visit and see on how nice the place is.

A month ago I and my partner had a chance to visit the place called “Keukenhof” in Lisse, Holland. When we landed in Amsterdam Schipol, we rent a car and find the place “Keukenhof”. But it was not that easy. We didn’t have a road map and the car has no GPS. We tried hard just to reach the place. We lost several times.

I kept telling my partner,who does the driving to find a gas station. Unfortunately they are not selling a map but they got one. The lady told us that we are on the wrong direction. She helped us and showed us how to get to “Keukenhof”. It was so nice of her:-)

Only to find out that we just passed by the place that heading to “Keukenhof”. Finally we were on the right direction. After three hours driving we reached the place safe and sound. There were so many tourists. There were full of blooming,different colors and varieties of tulips. We were amazed how beautiful they are! The lens of my camera couldn’t stop clickinng and so my eyes couldn’t stop staring at them (flowers). We felt so relaxed and enjoyed seeing the nature. We were pleased to see them though we had a bit problem to reach the place.But it was worthy!


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