I am at my career course at the meantime. This course is in norwegian langauge. It’s quite interesting for me. I’m learning on how to write a better, quality and convincing application letter and CV. But it is not that easy for me since I am not good on my norwegian language. Sometimes I feel dizzy listening to the instructors specially whe they speak very fast.

And on my class, we are only 2 who can’t speak very well in norwegain. Now and then I am trying to be not to be so aloof. I tried to talk to some of my mates specially on our breaktime and be with them. I felt embarrased and out of the place. I find myself not social at this time in which I’m not used to it.Beacause I can’t jive them and it’s difficult to express myself to them. So now I’m here expressing my dept feelings thru writing.